A vindication of flower power idealism... A flat out wonderful film! - Rick Steves

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I was at the Garden back in the 70's and I seen on this video Kay who lived on the land I did and I slept in her t-pee. I would like to find her and write her it has been 40 yrs since I saw her last. I have lived in 5 states since those days. We lived on 50 arces in Republic WA.

Posted by Irene @ 07:13 AM on May 25, 2010

This isn't a movie, this is a message....

a message for people to look INSIDE themselves.

Posted by marlene @ 01:01 AM on May 19, 2010

A beautiful, endearing film. You have to admire people who are true to their convictions and consistently live what they believe.

Posted by Mary Ann @ 08:37 PM on April 21, 2010

Great Trailer! Met my real dad when I was 23 ( now 42 ) and had a chance to experience a little life on the "Saddle". My dad, Rome Contreras lived up there before his cabin burned down in 2000. He is in Maui now. I wish I had been able to live the life that he lived up there for 30 years. I grew up in LA so go figure. This film has to be huge for them! I am inspired for the ones this film was intended for. Anyway, I am now making indie films and watching this trailer again just motivated me even more...THANKS!!!!

Posted by Ron L. Tidwell @ 11:46 PM on April 19, 2010

Although I wasn't around back in the early days and am now living on the grid and fairly engaged in mainstream life, my heart and values are certainly expressed in this film. Thanks for making the film.

It's a great expression of LOVE , HOPE & COMMUNITY!

Posted by Heather @ 11:22 PM on April 18, 2010

Kevin and Judy,

It was great to visit with you in Sebastopol, thank you for the film. The whole family enjoyed it and engaged in a spirited discussion of the "back to the land" movement. It got me searching for more information regarding 2 of our local communes, Morningstar and Wheeler Ranch. Good luck to you, i hope your film had an excellent reception in Oz.

Posted by Diana Godwin @ 03:36 PM on March 19, 2010

Mike Sims and Suzanne Visser of Alice's Secret in Alice Springs, Australia watched the movie on a lazy sunny afternoon in the Outback

Posted by Suzanne Visser and Mike Sims @ 05:26 PM on March 17, 2010

Saw the movie together with Mike this afternoon. Very moving. These young faces and then the same faces: older, old. Done with a lot of respect for the owners of these faces. Which makes the film good. Food for some thinking too. Full circle indeed. I have such a love hate relationship with hippies that it was painfully pleasant to watch it all.



Posted by Suzanne Visser @ 01:34 AM on March 17, 2010

I am grateful to have seen the movie and really glad I have the DVD to watch again. The movie has me thinking about my life and how I can live it in a way that is more true to my beliefs. Thanks for the inspiration. The other thing is that I am reminded about time. This movie came back around after 20 years. Whew, we live in a culture of immediate gratification. We really don't know what the seeds planted today will bring in years to come. Trust, faith, love, and tree hugging!!!

Peace, Celia

Posted by Celia Mayo @ 05:15 AM on March 09, 2010

Hullo, Folks: I just learned of your film and ordered a copy. But after reading through all the great comments, I figured I'd 'write ahead' and point folks to the Morningstar and Wheeler Ranch 24-chapter history (see link to the S. F. Digger site) and photos, etc. at the website above.

I always viewed our open-gate 'come-as-you-are' communities as the southern gate to the Kingdom of New Albion. City folks could try out country living with us and see if it fit. Occasionally a Wheeler neighborhood would morph into an extended family and take wing to the north to find their own spot on Mother Gaia, far away from inflated property values triggered the punitive use of building and health codes. MOre after I've viewed the film. Can't wait!

Posted by Ramon Sender @ 12:42 PM on March 02, 2010

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