A vindication of flower power idealism... A flat out wonderful film! - Rick Steves

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I got to see your film this weekend in Ellensburg, and my heart was filled with joy and hope as a deeply hidden part of myself re-emerged during the movie! I went "back to the garden" in 1990, when I moved to Orcas Island and chose to live an insulated (rather than isolated) lifestyle in this gorgeous place. As many other young and old "hippies" (rich and poor) have chosen these islands, I felt at home instantly, and gave up a corporate job at Weyerhaeuser in Federal Way to come here and start over. The movie was profoundly gratifying, and I will buy copies of the DVD to share with friends. One of the most powerful reminders I got was how fortunate we are in communities like Orcas to have such supportive friends and new "families" to share our lives - our farmers, especially, keep this island grounded in the real possibilities that we discovered in the 60's - for sustainability, for voluntary simplicity, for real human connection to our neighbors - and to the land, air and water - and for finding a balance in an increasingly unstable world. Thank you so much for your wonderful movie!

Posted by nikki ames @ 10:53 AM on October 06, 2009

It would be easy to dismiss the human remnants of the counter culture era as naive and laughable-but you've shown them to be courageous individuals with dignity. Your film is heartfelt, authentic and thought provoking.

Posted by david Robbins, Seattle @ 12:11 AM on October 01, 2009

Watching this fascinating piece in Tel-Aviv made me feel that not only these people got back to their garden- but me as well- though I've never been there before... Thank you for sharing the story and values in such a touching and interesting movie- which also reminds that people are probably more unite than they may think they are.

Posted by Orit Sasson @ 09:36 AM on September 22, 2009

Thank you for taking me back to the days when part of me resonated with the dreams of our children, while part of me feared for their safety... It was good to see the people, who stayed true to their dreams & built good lives around it & to be reminded that if we keep our minds & hearts open "the dream will not die!"

Posted by Robby Fuerst @ 05:19 AM on September 16, 2009

I watch the movie in Tel Aviv and even it's from very far away, it feels like sitting in my living room and listening to those remarkable people. The message that we can all do something about this beautiful planet. It's a great movie

Posted by Irit Dortal @ 04:04 AM on September 12, 2009

Very Inspiring. A more honest depiction of counterculture values than I've seen in the mainstream media. I'll share this film with others.

Posted by Beverly Naidus, Vashon Island @ 10:54 PM on September 04, 2009

This is one of those films that when it's over, I feel I have to say goodbye to good old friends... The authenticity is so pure, so beautifully vulnerable, so real. I love it!

Posted by Anna Mae Gold @ 03:32 PM on September 04, 2009

I still remember my childhood on the land as if it were yesterday, free from worry, clean air and water and the beauty of the infinitely loving nature. I now live across the the world and am embarking on new adventures, but the land has left its imprint on my soul and I will never forget it.

My brother, who was born on the land returns there from time to time, someday again I will accompany him:)

Posted by Moksha Rahmatoulin @ 03:46 AM on September 03, 2009

Your film is a treasure, a time document of love and care, in the subject, the people and the way you presented it with images, questions, words and sounds.

It is a oneness of beauty.

Posted by Chaja Kruessen, Amsterdam, the Netherlands @ 01:13 PM on August 26, 2009

Years ago I spent time @ Barter fairs in Tonasket/Okanogan. Enjoying life... instilling value in my young children. I picked up your DVD @the Health Store in Tonasket--traveling alone. I will for sure share your story/Dvd w. others! So many disa-illusioned w. economy and world affair. Thanks You for presenting this! I really appreciated the real people! Real issues! Be well!

Posted by Stacy Mora @

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