A vindication of flower power idealism... A flat out wonderful film! - Rick Steves

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oh and thanx for the music info loved it as well

Posted by Milton Vega @ 02:30 PM on November 22, 2009

This film truly blew me away.

Made me reflect on a lot of things...

Saw it yesterday in Puerto Rico.

Posted by M. Vega @ 07:22 PM on November 21, 2009


No soundtrack available yet...we're working on it...But if you want to find our musical sources, check out these fine musicians:

Band of Annuals


Harvey Swanson


the Matt Lewis Band


Posted by kevin Tomlinson @ 07:17 PM on November 21, 2009

Saw your film in Olympia. Very moved. Is there a track list of soundtrack somewhere? Cheers!

Posted by Paul @ 10:29 PM on November 19, 2009

Thanks for this GREAT film!

I'm going to share it with my three grown children over the holidays.

All three tell me they were "raised granola!"


Posted by L. Anne Bromwell @ 06:02 PM on November 18, 2009

Mark, Our shipping prices are in line with the marketplace...If you want more details, email me and I'll be happy to break it down for you...Most new DVD's sell for $20-$25 before shipping and tax..We're not getting rich off shipping.

Posted by kevin tomlinson @ 09:17 AM on November 17, 2009

I want to buy the film, and I started the process. However, $5.50 for shipping is a capitalist outrage. I can only speak with my checkbook, or in this case, my paypal account. Since it's only being mailed, I would think under $20 would sell a lot more copies. I will wait to purchase it on amazon or ebay when it comes out...legally of course. I do support your efforts, just not your pricing yet. Thank you,


Posted by Mark @ 04:34 PM on November 14, 2009

I was at that Healing Gathering. I lived in the Okanogan Highlands there and went to all the Healing Gatherings. I haven't seen the movie. Just found the website today.

Posted by Stacey Bander @ 09:55 AM on November 11, 2009

I was so moved and delighted by this extraordinary film...such a clear and persuasive story of authentic people living lives on the land they love. Persuasive because our own life choices and integrity come into focus as the film dances among themes of family, community, conformity, spontaneity and beliefs...I'm sure the film will move others to reflect upon their own paths as it makes its way through the world...Bravo! Superb! Love, Henry

Posted by Henry Marshall, Ph.D, Amsterdam @ 09:23 AM on November 01, 2009

We saw Back to the Garden and were totally thrilled. It's moving, informative and a joy to behold as the characters come alive with their heartwarming stories. BTTG is a documentary doing what docs should do: Inspire and enlighten. Thanks for producing this wonderful and important film.

Posted by Rickie Moore Ph.D, Amsterdam, Netherlands @ 09:12 AM on November 01

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