A vindication of flower power idealism... A flat out wonderful film! - Rick Steves

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looking forward to hearing more about the film playing in independent theaters like

the Magic Lantern in Spokane, WA., the Guild in Albuquerque, NM., and the Lynwood theater

on Bainbridge Island, WA., ....keep us posted on new screenings so we can contact

friends and family there...thanks!

Posted by tobey @ Sat, 16 Jul 2011 19:15:27 GMT +0

Dear Kevin,

Thanks so much for making this film and sharing it with me. I found it amazingly

inspirational. I'm reminded to hold onto my own dreams and keep taking one step

at a time along my path. I wish you every happiness in your current projects,

warm wishes, tilley

Posted by Tilley @ 05:02 PM on July 05, 2011

I loved this film. I was particularly excited to see Kay. I was a student in the school Kay helped create in Seattle, and have now been a teacher there for 10 years! I'm hoping to get in touch and ask her about the early Nova years. email me at leashlessness@yahoo.com

Posted by stefan @ 04:18 AM on June 24, 2011

Sincerely beautiful. A story well told and wonderfully done. If I could give it an award, I would.

I can remember the times well and what people thought of non-traditional lifestyles and now we know that they had it right while the rest of us worked our way into heart attacks, mortgaged to the hilt, and led lives as slaves. These people were no different than Americans of the frontiers of the early 1800's and their incredible spirits were well documented by you.

Thank you for a wonderful film that never judged anyone but allowed the people to express themselves as if the audience were standing by your side. The best and most genuine film that I have seen in a long time.

Posted by Monteriano @ 01:07 AM on June 23, 2011


contact your local independent theater and request our film be shown...you can also contact us @bttgfilm@gmail.com to set up a screening in your area....

Posted by kevin tomlinson @ 06:42 PM on June 11, 2011

Would love to screen or somehow see this movie but can't find a screening in the Los Angeles area. What do I have to do to make this happen?

Posted by Debra Cohen @ 10:41 AM on June 07, 2011

I must tell you the film has been a God send for my son Tony. The whole economy has changed his life both my sons are union electricians ...that wrk stopped 2yrs ago... they both have skills learned from my friends living on the land building from the ground up. Tony has his own business now and although his house is being foreclosed, the film brought him back to what is real... Sometimes we need that. I am greatful for your contribution

peace & love Suzi

Posted by suzi lonergan @ 10:40 AM on May 27, 2011

I'm still glowing from an evening surrounded by flower power ... ~ ♥ ~ This film is planting seeds

for a better tomorrow .. today.


Posted by Richard Bohn @ 07:41 PM on May 17, 2011

thank you so much for your wonderful documentary. It is the story of my life too...I live in the mountains of Stevens co. I'm going to be 60 and still live in a log house I built with solar and composting toilets. I have all the same beliefs and can't understand why everyone doesn't live this way.

I feel you should put your money where your mouth is by not spending it supporting big box stores and corporations. my goal has always been to be debt-free so I don't have to work for anyone else.

Getting the garden planted now...peace.

Posted by kathleen @ 11:48 PM on May 15, 2011

this is a wonderful sharing you took us back in time and back again everyone changes but ageless growing up but never becoming adults ..we loved our journey back home through your film never lose the dream again thank you SUZI Mem TN

Posted by suzi lonergan @ 03:54 PM on May 07, 2011

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