A vindication of flower power idealism... A flat out wonderful film! - Rick Steves



Rick Steves
Travel writer and
PBS TV/radio host

“A vindication of flower power idealism. It reminds us of the enduring values of simplicity and self-reliance.
A Flat out Wonderful film!”

Mark Rudd
Anti-war activist and writer
“If you like natural, organic food...thank a hippie. If you use alternative medicine, Acupuncture and Massage...thank a hippie. If you’re into eastern spirituality, Yoga, Meditation, Buddhism, the Dalai Lama...thank a hippie. Do you want to save the earth for future generations? Have you had enough of war and consumerism? Thank a hippie for starting the conversation. My wife and I loved “Back to the Garden...”

Wavy Gravy
Humanitarian, peace activist, Hippie Icon
“Back to the Garden” shows us that the continuum of Sixties’ ideals are STILL ALIVE… The beat goes on!”

Video Interviews

KCTS TV (PBS) "Reel NW" interview w/film Critic Robert Horton. (13:11 min)
UWTV (Cable) "Backstory" interview with Andrew Tsao (31:43 min)
SIFF TV (SIFF Film Festival) interview (8:20 min)

Radio Interviews

Radio Interview: Vancouver, BC
Radio Interview: Byron Bay, Australia
International Press

"Given todays headlines; financial meltdown, climate change and the evolution of the green movement, these off-grid, Back to the Landers are still ahead of the curve"

—San Francisco Chronicle

“Stunningly beautiful film...heartfelt and poignant. Strong, articulate, engaged community-minded men and women who defy the perceived mass media stereotype.”

— GreenMuze.com

“One of ten must see films at the Vancouver International film festival. Offbeat, compelling & inspired. A great little film”

—Vancouver Sun

“A heartfelt look about where the back-to-the-land movement went in the 1980s and where it could go now that the American Dream is over.”

—The Georgia Straight

“A fond embrace…a hippie revival…a celebration of eco-values come back to bloom… bears a resemblance to the great British “7 Up” documentary series.”

—Seattle Weekly

“The 1960s-style love child still thrives in the hearts and minds of baby boomers and Gen X-ers alike. 5 STARS!”

—Willamette Week

“It’s not that the story wasn’t ready 20 years ago...It’s that we weren’t ready for the story.”

—Inlander (Spokane, Wash.)

“None of the counterculturalists interviewed have sold out to Goldman Sachs. A welcome reminder that hope, idealism and consciousness don't have to be passing fads.”

—The Oregonian

“A loving portrait...the idealism of youth contrasts with the realities of growing up. No matter what your politics you’ll relate to these people.”

—Central Oregon Magazine

“It’s not a documentary…it’s poetry!”

—Albuquerque Arts Magazine

“A hippie version of Michael Apted's 7 up series showing just how much the Woodstock Generation is alive and well in today's post-American Dream culture.”
—Albuquerque Alibi

“The filmmakers pull off a truly unique film by chosing not to fall for the well worn, sensationalized Chech n' Chong hippie stereotypes.”

—Pacific Northwest Inlander Newspaper (Spokane, WA.)

“Role models for a new generation. Choosing to live by the strength of their convictions: self-reliant, fallible yet determined. Resonates with many of us given today's global challenges. A reminder that there are other choices to the mainstream.”

—Sierra Club.com

“Flower power returns...none too soon.”

—Berlin Zitty

“A cinematic re-emergence of the Woodstock generation… still committed to love, living simply and defending the earth!”

—Islanders Weekly

“Gives weight to ideas that in the 60’s seemed fringe and extreme...but today, in the midst of a green revolution, appear way ahead of their time...”

—The Okanogan Chroncle


—Okanogan Valley Gazette-Tribune

“Where have all the flowers gone? ‘Back to the Garden’ takes a new generation on a 20 year, time–lapse journey through the hippie counterculture.”

—Methow Valley News

“Great timing…emotional and enduring…”

—Yakima Herald

“What irony that a bunch of hippies could be the role model for survival in the middle of a financial crisis...Fantastic!”

—Bainbridge Review

“A Must See...Recommended!”

—the Source Weekly (Bend, Ore.)

“...the struggle of a group of back to the land hippies whose dreams of environmental sustainability and alternative living are challenged by tough economic times.”

—Jewish Transcript

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