A vindication of flower power idealism... A flat out wonderful film! - Rick Steves

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My librarian daughter brought me a DVD of "BACK TO THE GARDEN," from the library, saying, "I liked this, and I think you might too." That was yesterday, and I've watched it twice already. NICELY DONE!!! If possible, I would like you to keep me informed if a soundtrack ever becomes available. THANKS!!!

Posted by Tom Oldoski @ 11:31 PM on April 25, 2011

Thank you so much Kevin for reconnecting me to the best parts of my life! Although I moved out of the tipi in Flagstaff in 1976 and came back to Washington to raise my daughter, I have continued to live the hippie life, off the grid as much as possible. I have attended a number of the barter faires over the years, from Michigan to the Okanogan, the beginning near Ellisford in 1978 and then up on Gypsy's land above Metaline Falls in 1979, to years of the Okanogan Barter Fair from 1986 - 1998. Finally went back last year, yep it was still there! I am so thankful the heart and soul of back to the landers is still alive! From all the hippies still making it near Detroit, to the Hopi Heavens group near Flagstaff, to Stephen & Ina Mae Gaskin's Farm, I have heartfelt love and gratitude to all who helped me find this path when I was 16 years old! Including my sister Annie! Namaste' all :)

Posted by Terese "Tara" Cameron @ 05:12 PM on April 25, 2011

Great documentary with fascinating people & beautiful scenery; will work wonders for bringing the spirit back up when the pipes have frozen, the uncut wood looks like mt. endless, or the leaking barn roof just annoys the hell out of you... sometimes it's just good to hear the voices of your kindred, no matter how far away they may be. So, thanks from northern Sweden, where the garden still remains hidden under three feet of snow... intense months ahead!

Posted by Jens @ 08:11 AM on April 06, 2011

Thanks again for participating in the University of Washington's Film Series. It was a pleasure to nurture the continued blooming of this beautiful film. The stories are so inspiring. We will do everything we can to help spread the word about this film, and future films! (Jill...director, UW club film series)

Posted by Jill B. @ 04:41 PM on April 04, 2011

I think the underlying theme of Back to the Garden is a heart warming exploration of an existing condition or problem: Our Modern Life. Looking at this paradox from so many angles is especially meaningful..I love the non-Hollywood approach. Fantastic!

Posted by savannah @ 11:44 AM on April 02, 2011

Before I saw BTTG here in Portland, I was almost prepared not to like it. Why? Easy. The late 60's to mid-70's were the years that informed my inner being to this day. I don't need someone too young to have been there to tell me what it was all about! Well,I needn't have concerned myself. Tomlinson has nailed it about as good as it can get. Wisely using the voices of those who are still(!) living the dream (and it is not always an easy one), all is forgiven. I didn't stay with it myself for various reasons, but had always hoped that others might have. Now I have tangible proof (DVD) to show my two grand kids that there really was a time when community, fun, homegrown food and music, and just being very close to the the Good Earth was far more life sustaining than a corporate paycheck. OK, Fairy Conventions will never be my thing...but,I sure miss all the rest. Enough so that I will soon be moving back to that "perfect" place in the NW, where I can finish out my days as an Old Unrepentant Garden Hippy. Peace.

Posted by Dane @ 08:06 PM on March 23, 2011

I received the DVD yesterday. I have already watched it 3 times!!!

I enjoy it more than any documentary I have ever watched! You and the film deserve all of the awards that you've received so far and I hope many more are coming the films way....thanks, Bill

Posted by Bill Duncan @ 11:50 AM on March 19, 2011

Your film was a joy to watch. I'm all mushy with emotion now. . .i guess that means it worked! :P

Posted by tantric massage @ 08:57 AM on March 16, 2011

I am forever grateful that you sent me a copy of this moving and thoughtful film. I am struck by the beauty of some of these older women, who presumably don't botox, wrinkle-fill nor bleach their teeth and yet look so healthy and attractive.

The human being comes in so many shapes and sizes and character, doe it not? I am also struck once again by the beauty of Washington State...

I hope your movie is getting the acclaim I feel it deserves. I will watch it many times again and share it with my friends...some of whom live in, (gasp), Eastern Washington also. THANK YOU.

Posted by Penny Thackeray @ 02:51 PM on February 16, 2011

A friend in seattle called and told me about your film, saying I gotta see it.

She was right. It was very inspiring, especially to those of us who are kindred spirits, doing the same thing and sometimes feeling very alone. Your film is a reminder that there are pockets of us tucked in all around the country! Airville (the sign saying "named for the clean air in the neighborhood" sits right in front of a factory farm!) is in southern York County, PA. where we have found a dozen or more of us hippies, old and young, tucked in around the big pickup trucks and hunters wearing orange. Fire circles, drum circles, sitar concerts at the solstices, organic gardens!

Anyway, thanks for the film. We'll be sharing it with our friends.

Peace, Amy

Posted by Amy @ 09:43 AM on February 15, 2011

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